Barack Obama

I think that Mr. Trump will go down in history as a great person and a g...

The creative work dedicated to Donald Trump, the US President (as he already calls him), has been finished now.

I dedicate my art to him because in this man I can see a real hope for the good world order on the globe. He is the only one to change the events of the XXI century for better and to build an absolutely new America.

This is very important. I am asking the American people to share the post of this bust. I am the first one to make it for the first new President who is needed not only by the USA, but by the whole world as well.

Whatever you may say, this is why I made this bust from the real Carrara marble, brought here from Italy. This is the kind of marble Michelangelo made the the statue of David from, and a lot of other sculptors worked with this kind of marble as well, immortalizing people in it.

I think that Mr. Trump will go down in history as a great person and a great reformer.

Nikolai Shmatko

Barack Obama

Mr. Trump has huge possibilities for making the USA a great country

As you can see, this is the bust of Mr. Trump. It expresses the idea that the new time is coming. It’s wonderful and exciting. I think that the American people should wake up, get together all over the USA and ask Mr. Trump to occupy this position for the sake of their absolute prosperity.

This is all because Mr. Trump has huge possibilities for making the USA a great country not only in the field of economy, but in the fields of culture, education, art, etc. as well. This is a big power.

The entire world, the entire planet is watching what is happening in the USA now. Of course, Russia is not somewhere aside, either. Russia has hopes for Mr. Trump, too. Why? Because Russia is about to build the large-scale relationship with the USA, which would let all the mankind make some consensus. The consensus means PEACE and mutual relations.

I would also like to say that this video should be spread all over the USA. We should repost it so that other people could know that not only the American people take care of their country, but all the mankind does, too. It is done for the sake of bringing the world to a new level of the development.

Nikolai Shmatko

Barack Obama

Donald Trump is the heart of America

As of today, Donald Trump is the most outstanding personality in the USA. There is an important thing I would like to say – he is the heart of the USA, of its ordinary people waiting for changes. This man’s abilities are incredible. After I saw other presidential candidates, I as a creator defined that it was he to fall to his lot of Presidency. This is a huge power that our time and our planet need now.

Nevertheless, I compared Trump to the pharaoh Akhenaten. This is him. Just imagine, he made colossal reforms in Egypt 3400 years ago, and the world has changed since then.

Today, by comparing one reformer – the pharaoh Akhenaten – and the other reformer – Donald Trump – I am pretty sure that the world is going to get better. The Americans are going to receive the prizes of their lives. They will be happy that a new person with his new ideas has come to them. Not with those ideas of the past – as they are outdated now, and nothing has changed. If those guys come, what will they change? Nothing! Anyway, they will not be able to come, as the time has prepared this place exactly for Donald Trump. As of today, he is on the top of this pyramid.

Nikolai Shmatko

Barack Obama

Donald Trump has reached the level of the real President of the USA

Donald Trump has reached the level of the real President of the USA.

I can see just now that Trump has reached the level of the real President of the USA. His strength of a lion, his speed of a jaguar and his long sight of an eagle let him raise the USA to an absolutely new level – the level of civilization.

The cooperation with Russia as the most important friend of the USA will help the world discover existence of our land, the planet in the new dimension.

I think that the way Trump has chosen is a real historic one, being very important for our times and for the future generations.

Nikolai Shmatko

Barack Obama

Donald Trump. He is an energetic and strong man, and I think he will re-...

The compositional solution about Donald Trump is reached.

This is how I see the composition, how the attitude towards people and the world politics in general can be expressed.
As you can see, I made this portrait at the background of the flag, and wrote at the bottom that this is Donald Trump.

Those politicians who are running for the US presidency, are not comparable to Donald Trump. Why? Because Trump has a wider way of thinking.
He is an energetic and strong man, and I think he will re-establish the world order. He is becoming someone like a revolutionist. Why? Because the politics of yesterday does not correspond, as the saying goes, to the XXI century.
So when I saw this face, I realized that the world is changing, and, accordingly, I am ready to be part of such a community that would help change what is happening on our planet.

I think he is going to change his attitude towards Russia; these two superstates have to live in amity for the sake of the development of science and technology.

Now we are facing lots of problems, not only in Europe and Russia, but in the USA as well. Medicine, science and technology need to be developed. There are lots of problems there. We also have to fight poverty by all means.
It would be a delusion to say that everything is fine in the USA. He is going to face numerous problems, but he is sure to solve them, as he is an energetic and strong man.

I think he is an ambiguous personality.

Some people may not like him, but this is OK. The fact that he is going to build a new state is his great victory.

Barack Obama

King of marble will present the bust of Princess of Monaco Charlene

King of marble will present the bust of Princess of Monaco Charlene at the international art fair Art Monaco'12

On the 5th of November the presentation of new works of Nikolai Shmatko took place at the art gallery "Shmatko & Sons". The presentation of pictures and of main exhibit of the fair - the marble bust "Princess of Monaco Charlene" - was organized in advance of a planned participation of Nikolai Shmatko in the international art fair Art Monaco'12.

"This art fair will present part of my marble sculptures - "Prophet", "Worship to the Sun Disc", "Magellanic cloud", etc.; besides the sculptures, paintings will be presented there as well. The main work is the "bust of Princess of Monaco Charlene", who recently married Prince of Monaco. A distinctive feature of this sculpture is that a moment, when a ring is put on the bride's finger, is depicted there", - said N. Shmatko.

According to N. Shmatko, the other day a reply of President of Art Monaco Johnessco Rodriguez was received. He said that he saw "a high level of the sculpture", so he was "sure that Nikolai Shmatko will have a great success" in Monaco.

"Who of the Ukrainian elite has a desire to visit Monaco and pay the expenses of the exposition of art works in full, and to present the marble bust of Princess Charlene, in this way establishing good relations between the two countries in the field of culture and tourism, as well as personal friendship with Prince of Monaco Albert and Princess Charlene? This person, who wants to present the bust of Charlene, will be the highlight of this prestige art fair, where famous artists and sculptors from all over the world will come", - stated Nikolai Shmatko in his declaration.

To represent Ukraine in the high society of Monaco in the field of culture and art is prestigious and necessary for close relationship between the two countries!

Barack Obama

"Foreplay", "Trap" and the installation "Freedom of Speech"

The new works - "sculptures "Foreplay" and "Trap" (about patronage as a form of becoming slavery), installation "Freedom of Speech" have been presented today by Nikolai Shmatko .

"Today I am presenting several works. The first one is dedicated to the freedom of speech in Ukraine. I think, journalists have a hard time working in our country: they are being persecuted", - said N. Shmatko.

The second of the new works of the author is dedicated to the judicial system and refers to the ex-head of Appeal Court of Luhansk region Anatoliy Vizir.

"I shall put a turkey and a sausage here, so they should not think they are big people. They are little people. They mean nothing in this world. Their task is to lead courts in such a fair way, so as a man could say - "Yes, I was judged right", - said Nikolai Shmatko.

As Nikolai Shmatko says, Anatoliy Vizir had ordered a plaster sculpture of Mother of God and did not take it.

"There is the truth only when there is money. I want to address to President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych: you should change judges faster, because they work too long", - said N. Shmatko.

The third sculpture "Foreplay" states the fact that our people are not monsters, and they can love and be happy. The sculpture demonstrates that love does not begins spontaneously; one should make himself comfortable in such a way that one would find satisfaction in it", - said N. Shmatko.

The Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund Dominique Strauss-Kahn appeared before the public in a quite unusual way. The installation got a high-sounding title "Flyblown Reputation".

The King of Marble Nikolai Shmatko also made some prognoses and predicted the future of Rinat Akhmetov at the press-conference.

"Freedom of Speech"


"Flyblown Reputation"

"Freedom of Speech""Freedom of Speech"

Barack Obama

The sculpture of the Great Kobzar Taras Shevchenko

The sculpture of the Great Kobzar Taras Shevchenko has taken place at Lugansk Taras Shevchenko National University

On the 1st of March 2011 the inauguration of a new work of the King of Marble Nikolai Shmatko - the sculpture of the "Great Kobzar Taras Shevchenko" has taken place at Lugansk Taras Shevchenko National University.

The sculptor says that his Shevchenko is an image created in contrast to the numerous monuments put up all over the world. "Shevchenko known by us is made inaccessible and supercilious. I shaped the image of a creative man open and understandable for anyone. He is a poet, writer and painter. This image fits in with the university very well because students and professors are creative people too. They seem to create together and these days", told N. Shmatko.

The sculptor also says that his idea to embody Shevchenko just in this way was in total inspired by studying works of the Great Kobzar, working at Shevchenko museums and reminiscences and images remaining from the school years as well.

"Lugansk National University" bears the name of Taras Shevchenko since 1939. At that time, it was the only higher school in the industrial region educating the Ukrainian language and literature teachers and developing the advanced philological school.

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"The Most Holy Lugansk Mother of God"

The sculpture "The Most Holy Lugansk Mother of God" has been presented and consecrated today.

- The sculpture has 2 metres in height and is made of marble. This presentation is of historical importance because there hasn't been a genuine local Mother of God in Lugansk today. People can come and pray near the Lugansk Mother of God. If you don't have a child for some reason you can come and ask her for it, the sculptor told.

Nikolai Shmatko created the sculpture after a real person but finally he got, as he said, a truly divine image.

When I finished the sculpture, I felt that my helper went. I realized that the "Mother of God really came from heaven." I felt a huge satisfaction while working at her, N. Shmatko said.

Magic properties are attributed to this sculpture of N. Shmatko as well as to his other works. The King of Marble says that his work "The Prophet" can fulfil wishes. However, it is not possible for everyone to withstand the look of the prophet. Some people even felt bad.

Barack Obama

"Awful!" - that was the first reaction of the people who visited the presentation when they saw "The

"Awful!" - that was the first reaction of the people who visited the presentation when they saw "The Ukrainian Potential"

The sculptor stressed that he was inspired to create this work by his recent travelling around Ukraine. "I was shocked of what I saw: ruins, poverty, a total decay. However on TV the politicians tell us that everything is fine and will be even better. But Ukraine is different. Now you will see the way it looks."


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