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"Foreplay", "Trap" and the installation "Freedom of Speech"

The new works - "sculptures "Foreplay" and "Trap" (about patronage as a form of becoming slavery), installation "Freedom of Speech" have been presented today by Nikolai Shmatko .

"Today I am presenting several works. The first one is dedicated to the freedom of speech in Ukraine. I think, journalists have a hard time working in our country: they are being persecuted", - said N. Shmatko.

The second of the new works of the author is dedicated to the judicial system and refers to the ex-head of Appeal Court of Luhansk region Anatoliy Vizir.

"I shall put a turkey and a sausage here, so they should not think they are big people. They are little people. They mean nothing in this world. Their task is to lead courts in such a fair way, so as a man could say - "Yes, I was judged right", - said Nikolai Shmatko.

As Nikolai Shmatko says, Anatoliy Vizir had ordered a plaster sculpture of Mother of God and did not take it.

"There is the truth only when there is money. I want to address to President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych: you should change judges faster, because they work too long", - said N. Shmatko.

The third sculpture "Foreplay" states the fact that our people are not monsters, and they can love and be happy. The sculpture demonstrates that love does not begins spontaneously; one should make himself comfortable in such a way that one would find satisfaction in it", - said N. Shmatko.

The Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund Dominique Strauss-Kahn appeared before the public in a quite unusual way. The installation got a high-sounding title "Flyblown Reputation".

The King of Marble Nikolai Shmatko also made some prognoses and predicted the future of Rinat Akhmetov at the press-conference.

"Freedom of Speech"


"Flyblown Reputation"

"Freedom of Speech""Freedom of Speech"

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