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King of marble will present the bust of Princess of Monaco Charlene

King of marble will present the bust of Princess of Monaco Charlene at the international art fair Art Monaco'12

On the 5th of November the presentation of new works of Nikolai Shmatko took place at the art gallery "Shmatko & Sons". The presentation of pictures and of main exhibit of the fair - the marble bust "Princess of Monaco Charlene" - was organized in advance of a planned participation of Nikolai Shmatko in the international art fair Art Monaco'12.

"This art fair will present part of my marble sculptures - "Prophet", "Worship to the Sun Disc", "Magellanic cloud", etc.; besides the sculptures, paintings will be presented there as well. The main work is the "bust of Princess of Monaco Charlene", who recently married Prince of Monaco. A distinctive feature of this sculpture is that a moment, when a ring is put on the bride's finger, is depicted there", - said N. Shmatko.

According to N. Shmatko, the other day a reply of President of Art Monaco Johnessco Rodriguez was received. He said that he saw "a high level of the sculpture", so he was "sure that Nikolai Shmatko will have a great success" in Monaco.

"Who of the Ukrainian elite has a desire to visit Monaco and pay the expenses of the exposition of art works in full, and to present the marble bust of Princess Charlene, in this way establishing good relations between the two countries in the field of culture and tourism, as well as personal friendship with Prince of Monaco Albert and Princess Charlene? This person, who wants to present the bust of Charlene, will be the highlight of this prestige art fair, where famous artists and sculptors from all over the world will come", - stated Nikolai Shmatko in his declaration.

To represent Ukraine in the high society of Monaco in the field of culture and art is prestigious and necessary for close relationship between the two countries!

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