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Donald Trump. He is an energetic and strong man, and I think he will re-...

The compositional solution about Donald Trump is reached. http://www.kingofmarble-shmatko.com/n...

This is how I see the composition, how the attitude towards people and the world politics in general can be expressed.
As you can see, I made this portrait at the background of the flag, and wrote at the bottom that this is Donald Trump. http://www.kingofmarble-shmatko.com/e...

Those politicians who are running for the US presidency, are not comparable to Donald Trump. Why? Because Trump has a wider way of thinking.
He is an energetic and strong man, and I think he will re-establish the world order. He is becoming someone like a revolutionist. Why? Because the politics of yesterday does not correspond, as the saying goes, to the XXI century.
So when I saw this face, I realized that the world is changing, and, accordingly, I am ready to be part of such a community that would help change what is happening on our planet.

I think he is going to change his attitude towards Russia; these two superstates have to live in amity for the sake of the development of science and technology.

Now we are facing lots of problems, not only in Europe and Russia, but in the USA as well. Medicine, science and technology need to be developed. There are lots of problems there. We also have to fight poverty by all means.
It would be a delusion to say that everything is fine in the USA. He is going to face numerous problems, but he is sure to solve them, as he is an energetic and strong man.

I think he is an ambiguous personality.

Some people may not like him, but this is OK. The fact that he is going to build a new state is his great victory.

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