Polyglot (rerter10) wrote,

Donald Trump is the heart of America

As of today, Donald Trump is the most outstanding personality in the USA. There is an important thing I would like to say – he is the heart of the USA, of its ordinary people waiting for changes. This man’s abilities are incredible. After I saw other presidential candidates, I as a creator defined that it was he to fall to his lot of Presidency. This is a huge power that our time and our planet need now.

Nevertheless, I compared Trump to the pharaoh Akhenaten. This is him. Just imagine, he made colossal reforms in Egypt 3400 years ago, and the world has changed since then.

Today, by comparing one reformer – the pharaoh Akhenaten – and the other reformer – Donald Trump – I am pretty sure that the world is going to get better. The Americans are going to receive the prizes of their lives. They will be happy that a new person with his new ideas has come to them. Not with those ideas of the past – as they are outdated now, and nothing has changed. If those guys come, what will they change? Nothing! Anyway, they will not be able to come, as the time has prepared this place exactly for Donald Trump. As of today, he is on the top of this pyramid.

Nikolai Shmatko http://www.kingofmarble-shmatko.com/

Tags: donald, donaldtrump, news, trump, usa

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