Polyglot (rerter10) wrote,

Mr. Trump has huge possibilities for making the USA a great country

As you can see, this is the bust of Mr. Trump. It expresses the idea that the new time is coming. It’s wonderful and exciting. I think that the American people should wake up, get together all over the USA and ask Mr. Trump to occupy this position for the sake of their absolute prosperity.

This is all because Mr. Trump has huge possibilities for making the USA a great country not only in the field of economy, but in the fields of culture, education, art, etc. as well. This is a big power.

The entire world, the entire planet is watching what is happening in the USA now. Of course, Russia is not somewhere aside, either. Russia has hopes for Mr. Trump, too. Why? Because Russia is about to build the large-scale relationship with the USA, which would let all the mankind make some consensus. The consensus means PEACE and mutual relations.

I would also like to say that this video should be spread all over the USA. We should repost it so that other people could know that not only the American people take care of their country, but all the mankind does, too. It is done for the sake of bringing the world to a new level of the development.

Nikolai Shmatko http://www.kingofmarble-shmatko.com/

Tags: donald, donaldtrump, news, trump, usa

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