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I think that Mr. Trump will go down in history as a great person and a g...

The creative work dedicated to Donald Trump, the US President (as he already calls him), has been finished now.

I dedicate my art to him because in this man I can see a real hope for the good world order on the globe. He is the only one to change the events of the XXI century for better and to build an absolutely new America.

This is very important. I am asking the American people to share the post of this bust. I am the first one to make it for the first new President who is needed not only by the USA, but by the whole world as well.

Whatever you may say, this is why I made this bust from the real Carrara marble, brought here from Italy. This is the kind of marble Michelangelo made the the statue of David from, and a lot of other sculptors worked with this kind of marble as well, immortalizing people in it.

I think that Mr. Trump will go down in history as a great person and a great reformer.

Nikolai Shmatko http://www.kingofmarble-shmatko.com/

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